Dr. Lichia Saner-Yiu

About Photo lichia2Dr. Lichia Saner-Yiu, co-founder and president of the Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development, a Geneva based research and development institute (CSEND, since 1993). She has designed and conducted management training and OD projects for multinational companies in North America, Europe and Asia on cross-cultural leadership, management localisation, and international negotiations.She has also designed and developed institution development platforms to support public sector reforms in China, Slovenia, Vietnam, Russia, and English speaking African countries for the United Nations, WHO, ILO, EBRD and bilateral development aid agencies (SDC, GTZ, DANIDA, SIDA, NORAID, CIDA). She published 7 books and more than 40 articles in publications such as American Academy of Management Executive, Advances in International Comparative Management, Human Resource Quarterly, Performance Improvement Quarterly, Public Sector Management, and International Journal of Human Resource Management. Her current research interests are human capital formation and quality of training and education, chaos and complexity theory and its application to large social system change, business diplomacy and multi-stakeholder relationships, and global leadership. She served as an elected member of the Executive Council of the MED division
(1998-2001) and International Member at Large of the Advisory Council to the Board of Governors (2000-2001), Academy of Management (USA). Presently, she serves as MED's Liaison Person to Switzerland.

Dr. Raymond Saner

RSanerDr. Raymond Saner, President of Organisational Consultants Ltd., a consulting firm specialising in international management, organisation development and business diplomacy. He is also a director of the Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development in Geneva, Switzerland, a Not-for-Profit foundation focusing on socio-economic research and public sector reform. Dr. Raymond Saner has 20 years of experience in training and consulting diplomats and managers in the fields of international negotiations, globalisation and leadership development. He has worked as a consultant to the United Nations and its specialised agencies and other intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations as well as for multinational companies in OECD and companies of developing countries. Dr. Saner also teaches at the Centre for Economics and Business Administration, University of Basle, Switzerland and has conducted negotiation seminars for management executives and diplomats in Brussels, Beijing, Berne, Bonn, The Hague, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Manila, New York, Paris, Rome and Taipei. Dr Saner has authored numerous articles, edited books, chaired international conferences and serves on committees of academic organisations such as the Academy of Management, the International Institute of Administrative Sciences and the Society for the Advancement of Socio-economics. Currently, he serves as the Chairperson of the Advisory Council to the Board, Academy of Management (USA).