ISO 10015: Certification & Registration

On February 19th, 2003, CSEND became the FIRST organisation to be fully accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) as a certification body for training systems, of training programmes and of training providers in the private and public sector.

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Qualification Criteria of ISO 10015 Personnel

The assesment and certification of auditors, consultants and professional trainers will be based on the following criteria:

a) Domain of Expertise
• ISO 10015 standards
• the inner consistency of the training system / cycles
• strategic aspect of the ISO 10015

b) Personal attributes
• Auditors should possess personal attributes to enable them to act in accordance with the principles of auditing: Ethical conduct, Fair presentation, Due professional care (clause 4, ISO 19011).

c) Knowledge and Skills
• Generic Knowledge and Skills of Auditing
• Specific Knowledge and Skills of ISO 10015 and Quality Management
• Knowledge and Skills of Adult Learning, Training Technology and Management
• Knowledge and Skills of Strategic Human Resource Management

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